The manufacturing industry has a large number of industrial applications whereby new products are created, or where a fresh approach to an existing product is required. Applications whereby insulation above all plays a very important role, but for which it is equally important to prevent condensationimprove structural strength, remove vibrations etc. Fomicom polyurethane foams are suitable for a number of different applications within the manufacturing industrial niche markets.


  • decrease in energy costs
  • waterproof insulation
  • sustainable HFO sprayfoam
  • high insulation value (0,022 W/mK)
  • fast and easy system
  • safe & CE-marked


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YouTube video
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FROTH-PAK sprayfoam kits

For any professional, no machine needed.

Quick and easy sprayfoam insulation for any professional. Final volume in 60 seconds and cured in 5 minutes. They have all one thing in common…no machine is needed.
Heat, connect and spray…

Disposable and reuseable cilinders available depending on your personal needs. Ask us for a price quote.

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