Airtight sealing of windows


Fomicom insulation sets are characterised by a closed-cell structure which makes the foam perfectly airtight. This is very important when sealing windows and doors. By using an airtight insulation foam, you kill two birds with one stone. The window or door is sealed perfectly airtight, and also a polyurethane foam has a very good insulation value.

With deep window frames, it can be quite a task to foam up the entire depth of the frame. With the Fomicom foam sets, you can get the job done in no time. An extension piece can be pushed onto the nozzle which allows you to inject foam to the back of the window frame.


When sealing windows or doors, a basic expanding can foam is usually used. An airtight tape is then put on top of this given that the one component expanding foam has no airtight qualities. With the Fomicom insulation sets, you can do both in one move. Fix the window, and make it airtight. In about two minutes, the foam is cured and the window or door is securely fixed.


Deep window frames completely filled and made airtight in less than 5 minutes? Challenge accepted. In no time at all, the deep window frame can be filled airtight with insulation foam. To reach the back of the frame, an attachment piece can be connected to the nozzle of e.g. 20-30cm. The foam expands from the back to the front, meanwhile pushing its way up.


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