Pieces of decor for theatres, film studios, museums, amusement parks etc. are frequently produced using two-component PU foam. The polyurethane spray foam will be used to fill holes, bolster structural strength, stick polystyrene blocks together or simply create volume. In addition to ease of use, time saving is hereby the great incentive. After all, our PU foams fully harden after 5 minutes and can be cut, painted or lacquered immediately.

Recommended Fomicom products:

  • FROTH-PAK: The FROTH-PAK sprayfoam can easily be sprayed on any surface such as metal, wood, plastic, stone,… FROTH-PAK is also suitable for injection. If wanted, an injecting tube can be mounted on the spray nozzle so the foam can be injected in a hard to reach place.
  • FAST-PUR: Same properties as FROTH-PAK, for non-EU customers.
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