Easy-to-use insulation for construction and industry.

We supply and manufacture spray foam and insulation pouring foam for a wide range of industrial niche markets and major construction projects: fast and simple insulation of objects, anti-condensation, combatting corrosion problems, injection into moulds, making items airtight, etc. The applications are endless. Not sure which product is most suitable for your application?

Choose your application:

Insulation foam without machine

A mobile system for spraying and injecting PUR foam insulation

  • For mobile use: easy to move by the operator
  • Limited applications in small, ready-to-use bottles
  • Larger applications in disposable or reusable cylinders
  • CE certified

Large volumes of insulation foam with machine

Large barrels of two-component PUR foam with pump system for industrial-scale projects and insulation/post-insulation companies

  • 200-litre drums for very large volumes
  • PUR foam suitable for use with pump system/machine
  • We also supply the machine (if necessary)!
  • For industrial use and during insulation/post-insulation work

Can’t (yet) find your application in the list?

No worries: thanks to their exceptional properties, our PUR insulation foams have an almost endless number of applications. Are you not sure whether it’s the right solution for you? Then ask our salesperson for no-obligation advice. Because your application is unique, we would be happy to help you find the best solution. This also means that we are prepared to do a no-obligation demonstration/experiment on your company’s premises. This is the only way you can be sure that you are making the right choice.

You’re never on your own, we help with every step of the process

Always sure you are making the right choice

No-obligation demonstration and experiment before you buy

From experience, we know when our insulation foam is suitable for your application. It is often the case that an application is unique, even for us. That is why we are happy to help you further by carrying out a demonstration/experiment at your company premises with no obligation. This is the only way you can be sure that you are making the right choice.

spray foam demonstration by Fomicom
spray foam demonstration by Fomicom

You’re never on your own

Training & education of your employees in your company

We don’t just supply the PUR foam and equipment that you need. We also provide you with support where necessary. So that you can make optimal use of our PUR insulation foam, we always give you a complete training course on your company premises. All employees receive a “Fomicom Certified” certificate after training.

No time or expertise in PUR?

We will carry out your insulation projects if you wish

We can also help you if you lack the time or experience to carry out your insulation projects. With our subsidiary, PUR-Project, we go on-site to carry out your assignments. Always an impeccable result delivered by experienced people.


Bathroom wall insulation between metal studs.

Basement wall insulation between metal studs.

Insulation of a camper van.

Roof insulation between metal studs.

Wall insulation between metal studs.

Insulation of a pool.

Insulation of a camper bus.

Insulation of a camper bus: explanation.

Flower carnival with the queen of the Netherlands.

Moulds for light fittings.

Carnaval de Nice.

Heat loss reduction.

External wall insulation.