Fomicom polyurethane sprayfoam can be applied for a number of different types of wall insulation. In this way it is possible to spray onto an uneven surface, be used to seal seams and cracks when panels are used or as a condensation-resistant layer with metal subsurfaces. The insulation foam does not only allow for high quality insulation but also for unseen airtightness and does not absorb any moisture. The FROTH-PAK PU foam is registered in the EPB database for on-site sprayed polyurethane foam. In addition, it has the requisite CE marking.

Recommended Fomicom products:

  • FROTH-PAK: The FROTH-PAK sprayfoam can easily be sprayed on any surface such as metal, wood, plastic, stone,… FROTH-PAK is also suitable for injection. If wanted, an injecting tube can be mounted on the spray nozzle so the foam can be injected in a hard to reach place.
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