Seamless, airtight & watertight insulation


If you want truly airtight insulation, polyurethane foam is the best choice. After all, it forms a seamless and hermetically sealed whole, eliminating draught gaps through which cold air can infiltrate. The foam can be sprayed directly against the wall, eliminating unevenness. In no time at all, a wall can be provided with permanent and durable insulation that is also absolutely watertight. In case of a damp exterior wall, moisture will not be able to penetrate the insulation. The only requirement is that the wall must be dry when the insulation is installed.

You can determine the thickness of the foam layer yourself. If you mainly want to improve airtightness, a 2-3 cm layer will suffice. To insulate properly, a thicker layer is required, depending on the intended R-value. A first layer serves as an adhesive layer. In a volatile motion, you ‘mist’ the insulation foam onto the wall so that parts of the surface are still visible through the insulation foam. You then let this cure for about 10 minutes, before applying a thicker layer of several centimetres. It is recommended to build up in layers of 3-4 cm, to avoid the foam sagging when applying a thick layer.

Insulation foam kits are not used to spray large areas so they are usually not used in new construction. In renovation, on the other hand, there is often a single wall, or a particular room that needs to be insulated. This is where PUR foam kits offer an ideal solution. In no time, you can insulate the room airtight and watertight.

The advantage of the Froth-Pak system is that there is no formation of aerosols, and there is no annoying atomisation. The insulation foam is inert and durable considering it will continue to serve the entire life of the building. Meanwhile, PUR foams can also be recycled in several ways. Either they are reused in new insulation materials, but chemical recycling is also possible.


In case of renovation it is quite common that there is only a small surface that needs to be insulated. Therefore it is very difficult to find a company willing to do this small surface with their high pressure machine. Understandable as their system is best suited for insulating large areas.

Sprayfoam kits, such as Froth-Pak, allow you to insulate the surface without having to depend on a third party. You decide wherever and whenever you use the high-quality insulation sprayfoam kits.


Foamkits are low pressure system that can be used without any machine. This makes them ideal to spray in hard to reach places.

They allow you to work in detail without any waste. Depending on your needs you can choose the thickness of your insulation layer. Also, you create a seamless cover that is completely airtight and watertight.


Froth-Pak is a low-pressure system so there is little to no aerosol formation. This makes it suitable for indoor or outdoor application. Only requirement is that there is no tight wind at the time of outdoor application. For outdoor use, the foam needs to be protected from UV-light so a cladding or protective coating or painting is necessary.  After applying an initial bonding layer, it can be sprayed in 3-4 cm layers to the desired thickness.

The result is air- and watertight insulation in no time.


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