Fomicom sprayfoams are ideally suited for residential building insulation when a post-insulation company is unable to offer an adapted solution with their sprayfoam machine with pump and 200L barrels.

Specialities and added value:
–  small surfaces (< 40 m2)
–  hard to reach places
–  when the space cannot be emptied
–  technical insulation with a large number of potential thermal bridges

An advantage of our low pressure sprayfoam systems is that there is no aerosol formation. It is possible to work very securely and cleanly without having to shield off the entire area.


  • decrease in energy costs
  • waterproof insulation
  • sustainable HFO sprayfoam
  • high insulation value (0,022 W/mK)
  • fast and easy system
  • safe & CE-marked
Container house
Cold bridges
Pool house
modular construction
technical container
on-site office
on-site office

The best solution

Sprayfoam compared to other insulation materials

1. High insulation value

If you want to compare insulation materials, it is important to look at the Lambda value. The lambda value is the degree of thermal conductivity of a material. The higher the value, the better the heat is conducted. So for home insulation, a low value is better, because then little heat is lost.

Below are some common insulation materials, each with their insulation value. The lower, the better.

  • NRockwool: 0,031 – 0,044
  • NEPS (polystyrene): 0,031 – 0,045
  • NXPS: 0,028 – 0,038
  • NPIR: 0,021 – 0,026
  • NCork: 0,038 – 0,040

Even within each category, each material – or brand – has its own specific insulation value. For example, the Lambda value of our Froth-Pak
is 0.022 W/mK, making this insulation foam the best within the polyurethane (PUR) category. Linked to this insulation value (Lambda) is the thickness of the material. The lower the Lambda value, and therefore the better it insulates, the less thickness you need to obtain the same
result as with another insulation material. For example, with rock wool, the insulation layer needs to be thicker than with PUR to get the same result.

Once you know the Lambda value of the insulation material, and you know the thicknesse, you can calculate the R-value. The R-value for insulation is a way to measure how much resistance the insulation has to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the more the resistance and the better the material is at insulating a home. Generally, insulation materials with higher R-values cost more when compared to those with lower R-values.

Thermal phase shift and inertia

We’ve seen previously both notions of lambda and R-value, they indicate the quantity of energy that goes through the insulation material, thermal phase shift, this time, indicate how long it should take to this energy to go through the insulation material. In other words, it is the ability of a material to slow down the energy transfer.

In a traditional construction, the phase shift plays a less important role because most of the materials used have a natural high density and thus possess thermal inertia. Consequently, this results in an increase in the phase shift duration.

But in modern style constructions, the materials used are often lighter, and at this moment it is mandatory to increase their thickness in order to enhance the thermal phase shift.

On an average 15 cm to 20 cm, PU Foam has a natural thermal shift of 6 hours.

2. Watertight

It is important to know that there are two types of PUR foam. Open-celled, and closed-celled. In case of open-celled, moisture can be absorbed into the foam, so we want to avoid this. Therefore it is better to opt for closed-cell foam such as Froth-Pak. As the name closed-celled indicates, this insulation foam is chemically composed of millions of individually sealed cells into which moisture cannot enter.

When moisture enters the building envelope, it can affect the insulation’s performance, reducing its ability to resist heat transfer. This leads to higher heating and cooling loads, increased energy usage, and elevated utility costs. By using watertight materials, the insulation remains effective, supporting optimal energy efficiency and thermal comfort within the building.

YouTube video

3. Airtight

Good airtightness can raise the energy performance of a building, construction or industrial product by up to 15%. The Fomicom sprayfoams are two-component PU foams that are made up of [at least 95%] closed cells ensuring perfect airtightness. After all, good insulation is only as reliable as its weakest link. To rule out energy loss, everything must be perfectly sealed. The simple Froth-Pak sprayfoam system allows the placing of seamless insulation in a controlled way whereby it is possible to dose as much as you want and waste is reduced to a minimum..

In this video we show the difference in airtightness between the much used mineral wool on the one hand, and polyurethane sprayfoam on the other hand. Quite impressive, right?

4. Fast and easy

The Fomicom foamkits are very easy to use. Any professional or company can use it wherever they want, and when they want. After heating the cilinders for some hours to at least 24°C, the hoses are connected to the cilinders. The valves can now be opened completely to supply an equal flow of both components. For first use, or after a few days of standstill you must flush the system. To do so, simply pull the trigger full force in a waste bin for a couple of seconds. Clean the gun with PU cleaner and apply a layer of vaseline to extend the lifetime of the gun. Click a nozzle to the gun, and spray a sample.

Fur full instructions, download our printable instructions pdf here, or watch our instruction video below. Fomicom supplies adequate training for every professional who wants to work with the foamkits. A training certicate is provided by Fomicom.

YouTube video

FROTH-PAK sprayfoam kits

For any professional, no machine needed.

Quick and easy sprayfoam insulation for any professional. Final volume in 60 seconds and cured in 5 minutes. They have all one thing in common…no machine is needed.
Heat, connect and spray…

Disposable and reuseable cilinders available depending on your personal needs. Ask us for a price quote.

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