Efficient heating/cooling and ventilation are the two basic pillars for a healthy building or any other technical installation. Cold loss and heat loss must be kept to a minimum. Our Fomicom foams are high performance PU insulation foams and also scores well with their excellent airtightness thanks to their closed cell structure. On top of this, most of the polyurethane spray foams lends itself to both remote injection and spraying.

Recommended Fomicom products:

  • FROTH-PAK: The FROTH-PAK sprayfoam can easily be sprayed on any surface such as metal, wood, plastic, stone,… FROTH-PAK is also suitable for injection. If wanted, an injecting tube can be mounted on the spray nozzle so the foam can be injected in a hard to reach place.
  • FLOW-FOAM: The FLOW-FOAM pour in place foam can be injected in closed molds. The injected liquid starts rising after some minutes and perfectly fills the space.
  • FAST-PUR: Same properties as FROTH-PAK, for non-EU customers.
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